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Automatic Pot Stirrer

Revolutionize cooking with your couch! This automatic pot stirrer saves time, prevents burning, and releases your hands. The SAKI Auto Pot Mixer is a self-adjusted, fully-adjustable electric kitchen gadget. By pressing a button, its dishwasher — safe, food-grade nylon legs — also rotate around your pot or pan. Choose from three speeds to make the perfect sauce, soup, oatmeal, gravy, and more. With 2 self-adhesive speeds, this easy-to-use jar accessory is your ticket to a carefree cooking experience.

SAKI Automatic Pot Stirrer

Automatic Pot Stirrer by Defineproduct.com

Product Features: 

POWERFUL AUTOMATIC HOT POT MIXER – Imagine leaving your pots unattended without worrying about the burning of your food. The Saki pot utensil will gently stir your stews, soups, sauces, porridge, and risottos, releasing the most delicious fresh flavors.

FULLY ADJUSTABLE FOR YOUR COLLECTION OF POTS & PANS – The Saki Electric Stirrer is not a regular stirring tool or stirring machine. Its dynamic arms are designed to easily fit a wide range of saucepans (6-10.2 inches diameter, 4-8 inches height).

AUTOSTIRRER IS BEST FOR SMART, HEALTHY COOKING – BPA free, Cordless and Rechargeable, Saki Autostirrer is an innovative kitchen gadget that enhances the cooking experience with the joy of hands-free stirring and 2 speeds for extra peace of mind.

FAST-CHARGING AND ULTRA-QUIET – ALLOW IT 4 HOURS to RECHARGE, then let it handle all the hot food stirring, so you can focus on anything else. Perfect accessory for smooth sauces, delicate soups, or even thicker meals, cereals, rich chunky stews.

ULTRA PROTECTIVE OF YOUR TIME, POTS & MEALS – Stirring to perfection, the Saki Pot Mixer takes creaminess to another level, saving precious cookware sets from hollandaise, porridge, gravy, sauce or custards. Fun & easy cooking!

SMART. HANDY. CONVENIENT– Custom designed to deliver maximum stirring power, richly smooth action, and superior efficiency to your fingertips. Velvety sauces, thick gravies, hot cereals, baby food, creamy risottos, crystal-clear soups and rich, uplifting stews-all cooked beautifully, with no risk of burning your pots or wasting your time either by stirring or scraping stuck/burnt food.

INCREDIBLY EASY TO USE, CLEAN AND STORE- Just place the Saki hands-free auto stirrer on the pots, pans, or saucepans, adjust the height, width … and ACTION! Watch how his terrific stirring assistant constantly and gently twists and turns vegetables, cereals, and your favorite ingredients into divine, lip-smacking meals. Stress-free, home-made, healthy food — prepping & eating!


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