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In this guide, we explain how to choose the best professional wax heater.

All women know the problems related to hair removal. There are many different methods to solve these problems — more or less painful, which collect consents and disagreements. Contrary to what one might believe, this problem also affects men. When we are talking about hair removal, firstly, we will have to divide the main methods. Which are used most frequently, hot waxing and cold waxing into two categories?

What are Wax Heaters

Hot waxing, as can be easily understood, takes place through the use of a specific wax based on oils and other compounds. It will bring to a temperature equal to or above 40 degrees. The mixture, once melted, must be applied in the areas where we want to carry out the waxing.  Then through the roller, we can start the depilation process following the direction in which our hairs have grown. If we consider this remedy is too complicated, there is the alternative of cold waxing. It only involves the use of simple, individual strips. IT must be quickly heated, even if only using a hairdryer or another heat source. For this reason, this tactic is preferable for those who are in a hurry to put waxing into practice.

To conclude all the details on the different hair removal practices. It will have to be pointe out that cold waxing has these advantages. Hot epilation has a very positive characteristic of making waxing last longer. For reaching a result that it can last and exceed five weeks. Furthermore, hot waxing ais recommended for those who have very stubborn hair because it is hard and challenging to leave, to be specified. However, this way of depilating is not suitable for those who do not yet have sufficient manual ability.

If you choose hot waxing, the wax heater becomes an indispensable tool.

It is useful to give us real help to avoid getting burned and the wrong temperature, causing damage to our skin. The wax warmer, as it is easy to guess from the name. So keeps the depilatory wax at a constant temperature. It is more suitable for depilating without making it become incandescent and therefore avoiding accidents that can also be serious. In this way, we will also optimize the time, which seems to be interminable in the case of hot waxing. We can use the hot waxing method even if maybe we start learning the epilation techniques.

Especially if we have no experience, it is necessary to be accompanied in choosing the wax warmer by an excellent guide. Because he/she will have to know how to address us better, indicating the advantages and disadvantages of all the alternatives also according to our needs.

How long can they take advantage of the benefits of waxing?

Waxing can keep the skin clean and free of hair, for a maximum of 3-5 weeks. However, the results may vary depending on the person because of different types of hair and the frequency with which waxing is done.

Is there a difference between hard waxing and striped waxing?

Hard wax usually is called Hard Waxing in English. It is a revolutionary type of wax, which has been used in beauty salons for a few years. It is a wax that is applied to the skin and is removed directly with the tips of the fingers. It is generally used for waxing delicate areas such as eyebrows, upper lip, facial waxing, armpits, bikini line, and Brazilian waxing.

The soft wax with strips (Strip Wax), is applied in a much more subtle way than the Hard Wax and removed with a piece for removing the wax. In short, this is the waxing that we all know. This method is ideal for larger areas of the skin, such as the legs, arms, back, chest, and some facial waxes.

Types of Wax Heater

Hot waxing is considered one of the most effective epilation methods. Because the high temperatures of the wax dilate the follicles. It also facilitates the removal of more resistant hair and guarantees precise and lasting results. On the other hand, this process takes time and above all, a specific manual ability in handling melted wax without dirtying the work surface or, worse, damaging or burning the skin.

For this reason, many prefer to rely on professionals in the sector. However, the time and resources necessary to carry out regular treatments at a beauty center are not always available. In these cases, it takes a little practice and the right tools to perform hot waxing at home and throughout the safety.

His best ally of homemade waxing is the wax warmer, an instrument designed to heat the depilatory wax and keep. It at the right temperature for the whole time of the epilation. A right wax heater, therefore, reduces the complexity of this operation. It is not particularly pleasant in itself, optimizing processing times and expenses.

There are two types of wax heaters available on the market:

Roller wax heater (also called roll-on): its small and handy shape resembles that of an epilator; unlike the head. However, we find a roller, which must be passed on the part to be treated to spread the wax contained within it. It is heated and kept at a constant temperature by the wax heater, which is powered by electricity. Once the wax is finished, it is sufficient to buy a special refill to make a new treatment. The roll-on wax warmer is the most economical model and represents the best choice for beginners. Since the wax is automatically dosed through the roller and the risk of dripping is limited.

Jar wax heater: it is a real jar and fed by electricity inside which the wax must be dissolved. Then it is removed and spread with a spatula. This model is generally more sophisticated. It can also be used in a professional environment because it not only allows you to heat a higher quantity of wax but also in case of shared use. You can replace the spatula for a more hygienic treatment.

How to choose the best wax heater?

A wax warmer must be chosen according to your needs and habits. In the market, we find many models. But more or less, functions and features are very similar, as you can see also in the reviews you find below. It changes if you have to buy a professional wax heater, but this should not be the case with our readers. In this paragraph, let’s see what the most important features to consider, choosing the ideal wax heater are.

Portability – This depends a lot on the type of use you need to make the appliance to warm the wax. If you are a girl who travels a lot, then you may prefer a light and easy-to-carry device. It also applies to those who offer door-to-door waxing services. A bulky wax heater would be challenging to carry around, and it could even be damaged. No one would like to carry an object that is too bulky, right? Then choose a small appliance and quickly enter your kit.

Heating speed – Some appliances can heat the wax in less than 15 minutes. Others can take up to 45 minutes or more. If you work in a very crowded beauty salon or your patience is not infinite. Then you should prefer a device that takes little time to heat the wax. To satisfy as many customers as possible or better adapt to your needs. The heating speed is, therefore, a relatively crucial feature. For this reason, I suggest you check this feature before buying, to avoid disappointment.

Power supply – There are two ways a wax heater can be powered: with batteries or alternating current. To avoid any problems, it is better to choose the equipment that best suits your needs. Battery-powered wax warmers, for example, risk being discharged during operations. Those powered by alternating current. On the other hand, do not work if the present fails. So, choose wisely, based on the use you need to make or the voltage drops in your area.

Duration – All materials, with use and time, wear out, there are no exceptions. If you regret using the wax heater for a long time, then choose a device that is built with excellent materials. It can withstand frequent use and thus save on repair costs or the anxiety of having to buy a new one every time. Establishing the life of luminaries, of course, is not simple, but one could start from famous brands, quality seals, and long-lasting guarantees.

Does waxing hurt?

The amount of discomfort experienced during waxing depends on the individual. Waxing offers a convenient way to keep skin smooth for longer than shaving. So you don’t have to spoil it too often. A tingling sensation can be felt immediately after waxing. It is the tiny nerve endings of the hair follicles that react to their removal, and this feeling will pass after a few seconds. With regular waxing, the discomfort decreases because the hair follicle weakens. However, if you are new to waxing, you may experience more discomfort. But, as they say, no pain, no gain! Follow these helpful tips to reduce discomfort.

  • Take a pain-relieving tablet over the counter an hour before waxing.
  • Use an exfoliate the day before waxing. It will relieve pain by removing dead skin cells.
  • Avoid waxing within a week before the cycle; this is when you are extra sensitive to pain.
  • Avoid caffeine, salt, and alcohol because they make your skin more sensitive.
  • Press firmly on the skin after removing the wax.
  • Don’t worry about the pain! Take deep breaths and realize that it is nothing to fear. The discomfort experienced is very short and will soon be forgotten while you have fun on the beach with your smooth and lasting skin.
  • Make it with a friend. It will help you distract yourself from the discomfort and help you with waxing.

The wax breaks when I try to remove it, why?

It happens when the wax cools too much on the skin. Remove the wax effectively; it is necessary to wait only a few seconds, not minutes (spent thinking about the pain you will feel). It will only take 15-20 seconds. The wax must still be as flexible as the plasticize when you remove it.

To remove the wax effectively, use the strips you purchased. Make them stick perfectly to the skin and trap as many hairs as possible. While pulling the surface with the other hand, tear the strip with force and decision in the opposite direction of the hair. The closer you remain to the skin, the better.

When I used waxing, bruises /swelling/irritation appeared, what went wrong?

First of all, make sure you have purchased a good quality wax. In this field, as in many others, you get what you pay for. The best waxes minimize the possibility of bruising, swelling, redness, and skin irritation. However, a wrong waxing technique can cause this type of reaction, regardless of the kind type of wax you use or the method used to heat it. Be sure to read the instruction booklet included with your wax before using it and also that of your wax heater if you have already purchased it (if you have not already done so, read our reviews!).

If you have never done waxing and this is your first time. It is also advisable to do a 24-hour wax test on the palm of your hand before starting waxing. To make sure that the skin does not have an adverse wax reaction. If you are a beginner, for your first waxing. We recommend starting from your legs, which are the best place to start practicing your technique and increase your safety.

Wax Heater Power

A quality wax heater must quickly heat the wax and keep it warm for the duration of the depilation. Therefore one of the fundamental characteristics to evaluate before buying this product is power. Whether it is a resistance (as for the roller models) or a thermostat (in the case of jar models). The higher the wattage, the lower the heating times of the wax will be.

The power of roller wax heaters is usually around 40 watts. A value that allows these models to reach the required temperature in 10-20 minutes and keep it unchanged without problems. So thanks to the constant power supply. The most common power for cans on the market. On the other hand, it is around 100 watts, even if the professional ones can reach 300 watts.  The heating times, however, also depend in this case on the quantity and type of wax used.

Wax Heater Functionality

Attention, it is not over here, because it is not enough to choose between the two categories of the wax heater. It is not to be able to say that you have selected the tool according to our needs. There are so many other variables to consider, such as the functions that one type of wax warmer can offer over another. Although, in principle, they are objects with rather simple peculiarities. There are characteristics that a wax heater can provide more than another.

For example, especially if we are beginners, we can choose wax warmers with an automatic shut-off system. Surely they have a higher cost, but this sophisticated mechanism allows the tool to switch off automatically once it reaches a certain threshold of heat. We are thus avoiding even too infrequent burns due to the overheating of the wax.

Another function similar to this one, which, however, cannot be found in all the wax warmers, is that of the indicator. To be clear, whoever has a modern electric toothbrush knows that, after the time recommended by the dentists to wash the dental arch. A red light will come on that will flash until we switch off the toothbrush to switch to the other row. In the same way, the LED indicator of the wax heater will light up when the ideal temperature for hair removal has been reached. This way, we will avoid getting burned.

Another added function that we can keep in mind is that of the adjustable thermostat, important for deciding the temperature, up to 50 degrees, and keeping it stable for the duration of the treatment.

Practicality of use

To be sure of choosing the best wax heater that suits our needs. You need to pay attention to the presence or absence of some elements that make the use of this tool much more practical. In many cases, it can make a difference.

In the case of a roller wax heater. For example, the presence of a level indicator, a sort of transparent window located on the side of the wax warmer. It can be handy. This element allows you to monitor the level of the melted wax without having to extract the cartridge and can save you the trouble of finding yourself without wax in the middle of the operation.

Another feature of the roller heater to take into account is the length of the power cable. Since it is used connected to the current, it is good that the cable is long enough to allow great freedom of movement.

Finally, to increase the practicality of a roller wax heater. We find elements such as the base of accommodation and possibly an accessory kit that includes strips, oil or post-hair wipes and spare refills. In this regard, we recommend buying a roller heater compatible with universal refills. The easiest (and also the cheapest) to be found are the 100 ml cartridges.

As for the jar-shaped wax heater, the most practical models are those with a removable basket, equipped with a handle. The fixed basket is more challenging to clean if a little wax comes out during the treatment. Another useful feature is the presence of a border breaker or a raised edge that minimizes the risk of accidental snagging. If we want to be sure that our wax warmer can keep the product at a constant temperature, we can choose models with a good lid and an aluminum basket. These elements guarantee a higher insulating capacity.

Finally, those who want a jar-shaped wax heater should pay attention to the capacity of the basket and the width of the mouthpiece, on which the amount of wax that can be heated in a single round depends. We advise you to opt for models equipped with a 400 ml basket. This measure can contain most of the wax jars sold on the market. They are sufficient for several complete treatments, an ideal feature for a shared or professional use.

Which wax to use?

A final, necessary consideration to be made regards the type of wax that can be used with the wax warmer. The depilatory waxes diffused on the market are varied and present different characteristics and ingredients. Therefore, also, in this case, we must be careful to buy a product that meets our needs and above all the needs of our skin.

In general, it is possible to make a distinction between two types of depilatory waxes:

Water-soluble waxes: These waxes are easily removed with warm water, are formed from sugars such as glucose, saccharine, or honey and are distinguished by their characteristic amber color. To be able to use them, they must be heated in a microwave, in a bain-marie in a saucepan, or a wax heater. In general, these waxes are more delicate and less invasive, but for this reason, they are less effective than lip soluble waxes.

Lip soluble waxes: They are made up of resins, waxes, or essential oils. They can be found in the form of grains or jars and are considered the most effective. The best wax heater, In this case, the wax warmer, is the optimal tool for heating them.

Anyone wishing to purchase a wax heater will. Therefore, you have to evaluate products belonging to the latter type depending on your skin or your needs. Then you can choose the most suitable ingredients in general substances such as honey, essential oils (chamomile, calendula) and vegetable oils (almonds, argon) is designed to give an emollient effect.

Those with sensitive skin can instead evaluate a wax containing minerals, such as titanium dioxide: characterized by a low melting temperature and pink color. This wax tends to bind to the hair but not to the skin and therefore has a more delicate action. Alternatively, even zinc dioxide wax is less aggressive.

As regards the cleaning of the wax heater, we would like to remind you that since it is lip soluble waxes, any residues and stains cannot be removed with water, but only with oil. The maintenance, however, is effortless. It will be enough to use a cotton pad soaked in olive oil, seed oil, but also oil for children. So that our wax warmer returns to shine.

Hot wax or cold wax?

There are many types of wax on the market. There are cold waxes in a stick that tear off with the individual strips of non-woven fabric. They are composed mainly of resins of the soluble lip type, which dissolve in oil.

On the other hand, hot waxes heat up in a bain-marie or the microwave. They are applied with a spatula and once solidified on the skin. They are torn using a little force. They are water-soluble, which is composed of glucose and can be eliminated with water.

Although they can easily be found on the market for economical wax warmers, it is preferable to opt for a professional model even for personal use.

Roll-on model or jar model?

There are currently two types of wax heaters. One of them is roller (or roll-on) with a convenient applicator and a jar. Which is equipped with a container in which the wax is heated, together with a spatula to spread it.

The roller model is generally the solution preferred by the youngest. Because it is practical and easy to handle, after connecting it to an electrical outlet, insert the stick and holding the roller in your hand. Then pass it over the affected parts with slight pressure. The wax is kept at a constant temperature and, when it ends, it can be replaced with individual refills.

The jar type is the most common in beauty centers. Because it also allows you to heat a lot more wax at once and keeps it warm. It is more hygienic, and its use requires a particular practice, even if, after a while, its complete mastery is acquired.

To choose the best model? It is necessary to make sure of the speed required to bring the wax to the right temperature and for how long it stays warm and dissolved to allow for hair removal operations.

The roll-on models take between ten and twenty minutes to reach the right temperature and keep it constant thanks to the power supply. In the jar models, the heating times is depending on the amount of wax to be heated. For excellent heat retention, it is necessary to make sure that the container is equipped with an insulating cover. And that the basket is made of a material with good thermal conductance such as aluminum.

The comparison must also be made on the costs of the wax. For roller models, there are easy-to-insert refills that are also reasonably inexpensive. But it is preferable to focus on a universal type device rather than a branded one that works only with its sticks. The models with basket must instead provide flexible use for the types of treatment with cold and hot wax.

The choice between one system and another depends mostly on the habits and attitudes of each one. Taking into account that the spatula distribution lasts longer and is more uniform than the roller. The roller has its ease of use and application with a cost that is affordable for everyone.


Wax warmers are a great help for hair removal at home. The properties and advantages of wax compared to other hair removal methods are considerable. By eliminating the hair at the root, regrowth is delayed for a long time. Furthermore, the skin appears hydrated and soft.

For this reason, although new methods to eliminate unwanted hair continue to appear, wax remains one of the most popular ways of the people. Therefore remember that to choose the right wax heater, you must consider the capacity, power, and dimensions as well as the presence or absence of the thermostat and the various functions.

We hope that after this article you can make the right choice and be more prepared on the subject. If you liked our wax heater guide, share it on social media or leave us a comment.

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