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Bulbasaur Planter

Everyone wants a little Pokemon flare in their yard, and this Bulbasaur ceramic planter is the ideal grass creature to do that. Just plop a succulent in the back of Bulbasaur and hope that one day he will become a stunning Venusaur. Only wish that no Charmanders will come around or that your little grass creature will have to leave his way out of it.

Mini Cute Succulent Pots – Bulbasaur Planter


Bulbasaur Planter by Defineproduct.com

Product Features: 

  • Approximate Size: 6*5*4cm (small); Sold in Pack of 3
  • A sleek and straightforward petite planter with an elegant, attractive color plant pot.Gardening props, suitable for decorative gardening, desk, bookshelf, dining table, living room, hosting room, and everywhere.
  • Perfect for holding succulent, herbs, and cactus plants. often on the windowsill, desktop, kitchen, bathroom, office, and bedroom placed some pot of green plants, the pleasure of our feelings
  • Each plant pot equipped with a draining hole at the bottom.
  • If you want to surprise your loved one with a creative gift idea, plant a flower inside our ceramic animal planter and surprise her—a perfect gift idea for people who love plants or for family members.


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