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Chainmail Cast Iron Scrubber

Using cast iron cookware is the only way to be a kitchen dynamo. We know. But when food cakes up crusty and hellbent on hanging around cleaning becomes an extreme pain in the wrist. You probably scrub like crazy with a brillo pad or brush with bristle.

Chainmail Cast Iron Scrubber

Chainmail Cast Iron Scrubber by Defineproduct.com

Product Features: 

  • The Original Chain Mail Scrubber! Often imitated, never duplicated, You can trust Knapp Made CM Scrubbers. Superior quality chain mail scrubbers since 2011.
  • The World’s No.1 Selling Scrubber for Cast Iron Cookware, Dutch Ovens, Casseroles, Stainless Steel Cookware, Woks, and more. Superior Quality. Lifetime Warranty.
  • Makes Cast Iron Cookware Cleanup Quick and Easy. Hand Made from the highest quality stainless steel – foodservice grade 316. Preferred by professional and home chefs.
  • Comes With the Knapp Made Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.
  • The Patented CM Scrubberâ„¢ – Recommended by Cooks Illustrated Magazine. Featured on Americas Test Kitchens.

The World’s no. 1 selling scrubber for cast iron cookware – for good reason! Cleaning cast iron cookware with the CM Scrubber is safe, quick, and simple. All around prepared cast iron pans will currently remain prepared. Quick – simply run your container under warm water and scour. Cooked on buildup will discharge rapidly and without any problem. Tidy – tidy up quick with a little foamy water or simply hurl it in the dishwasher. Spare your well-deserved cast-iron container flavoring you strive to get your cast iron pans totally prepared.

Try not to hazard losing your skillet flavoring with cleansers or scratching your pans with metal utensils. The CM scrubber carries out the responsibility with simply warm water. What’s more, the protected chainmail configuration implies that solitary the round ring edges contact the container. Hang to dry-clients love the enormous corner ring. It helps the hold while your cleaning and afterward simply balances the scrubber to air dry.


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