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The digital highlighter is an invention designed given obsessive note-takers. Whether you’re in college, or you remember what that was like, taking notes by hand had the unmistakable disadvantage of making twofold the work since you needed to retype your contemplations to compose your papers. This was maybe why those without the impulse to take notes didn’t trouble, yet for all of us, there was nothing that should be possible about it. All things considered, the fine people at Scanmarker more likely than not felt a similar way since they made across the board multi-lingual digital content and picture scanner.

Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner

Digital Highlighter by

Product Features: 

Create summaries faster than ever before; just slide your handheld scanning pen across a line of printed text and watch it appear instantly on the screen

Super accurate and fast multilingual ocr text scanner ideal for students and professionals in the library, office or on the go

Use your pen scanner to scan editable text directly into any computer application e.g. Microsoft Word or our intuitive mobile apps

Edit, read aloud in real-time and translate on computers, smartphones, and tablets; compatible with Mac & Windows desktop plus Android and iOS mobile devices (Note: Chromebooks NOT supported.)

Portable, lightweight and convenient – connect easily to all your devices via Bluetooth (BLE dongle included for wireless connection on Windows). Powerful in-built battery rechargeable via USB.

Just scan – Scanmarker Air types!

Scanmarker Air utilizes our front line licensed innovation to create a predominant and precise handheld scanning arrangement. Just slide your pen scanner across a line of printed content and watch it show up right away on your computer or smartphone screen. Regardless of whether you are making a report in Word, contributing important information in Excel or imparting a statement to your companions on Facebook, Scanmarker Air will type it quickly for you.

Maximize your time and efficiency: Scan up to 30 times faster than manual typing! Scanmarker Air is a highly acclaimed productivity device amongst students, specialists, custodians, legal counselors, educators, analysts and everybody who requires moment scanning of content.

Reading pen: Remember and increase a more clear comprehension of the scanned material utilizing the read out loud component – listen to the content uproarious while scanning to your PC or cell phone. This additionally transforms Scanmarker Air into a viable assistive device utilized for dyslexia and different handicaps, helping each understudy achieve scholarly achievement.

Translate: Use the translation feature to help you master a foreign language (50+ languages).

Barcode Reader: Scanmarker Air also doubles as an effective Barcode scanner.

Images: Scan little highly white Images that will be embedded close by the content in your archive.

Aside from the fact that it makes taking and transferring notes easier, it provides other functions, also. It also functions as an individual understanding aide, which implies it helps the proprietor improve content perception, elocution, and the capacity to peruse on their own. This is particularly useful for those with understanding troubles. The advanced highlighter can also interpret different dialects, provides a book to-discourse work, has a word reference and a thesaurus, and it can even peruse business cards. It has a great deal to offer the two understudies and working experts, and it doesn’t have muddled inside parts that wear out after some time or require cleaning. It utilizes progressed protected picture preparing calculations to examine the content, which implies it will keep going a decent drawn-out period.

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