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Dumbbell Beer Glass

Are you tired of your drinking habit getting in the way of bicep day? Have you ever dreamed of getting yolked while being soaked? Well, boy, we’ve got a treat for you. Brought to you by Gemsho Glass. the dumbell beer glass is the perfect solution to your multitasking problems.  Why lift a weight of 25 pounds when you can chew a 25-ounce glass of frothy delicacies! This dumbbell-shaped beer glass is perfect for those drinks who want to feel like they’re working while they’re buzzing.

Dumbbell Beer Glass

Dumbbell Beer Glass by Defineproduct.com

Product Features: 

  • Holds up to 25 ounces of frothy deliciousness!
  • 100% glass and dishwasher safe with no paint or stickers to wash off.
  • “25 OZ” molded into the sides so there’s no question how much weight you’re lifting.
  • Thoroughly packaged to make it to you safe and on time. A great option for your favorite beer lover and local redneck.
  • Includes a large mouth with a money-back guarantee to be awesome! Perfect gift for your wedding, best man, groomsmen, boss, and bosses.


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