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Fast Nail Polish Dryer

Indulging in artistic nail art is a passion for many girls. If you have a hobby of painting your nails with layers of gorgeous plans, at that point you realize to what extent it takes to normally dry your nails. The enjoyment part of making art in your nails isn’t reached out to the long drying time, and there is a danger of spreading or ruining you’re deliberately applied nail stylistic theme. Also, to quit losing what you went through over an hour attempting to do, you should get a standout amongst other nail dryers.

Using a premium nail dryer is the most effective way to dry your pretty nails. It saves you a lot of time, and it diminishes the danger of harming your innovative plan. It just takes five minutes or less to dry nails using a great item, contrasted with 30 minutes of air drying. At the point when you purchase a nail dryer, you can advantageously paint your nails at home and have young lady time with your sisters or companions. Furthermore, you can be certain that all the items right now high caliber and solid. Everything merits each penny you spend.

LKE Fast Nail Polish Dryer | UV Nail Lamp| Led Nail Lamp

Fast Nail Polish Dryer by Defineproduct.com

Product Features: 

  • High power and Smart: 40w nail lamp with 21pcs led lights,110-240 voltage.3timer(30,60s,99s) for your choose, LCD screen and smart sensor-put your hand in curing lamp and the LED lights will automatic lighting.
  • User-friendly design: Easy to clean, Lightweight, Curved housing design protect your eyes, Soft light prevents browning of your skin.
  • Save your money: You can DIY nails at home instead of going to the salon. The nail lamp also a perfect gift for family and friends.
  • Applications: Dry most nail UV gel, UV top coat, UV builder gel, And led nail gel. But can’t dry the gel that no contain UV, like regular polish.

How to properly connect the light with the socket by adapter?

Tips: Please Connect the adapter and the lamp before plug it to the socket, at last, it is turn on the socket, Not just a nail lamp, Other electric machines too.

Could the lamp fix my normal clean?

No, This lamp can dry gel clean, But not for normal clean or any gel that doesn’t contain UV fixing, So please should affirm that your clean is good before buy. For standard clean, we recommend picking the lamp to include a fan to dry it.

If there are turn on/turn off button? How to turn or off the lamp?

The lamp doesn’t include the Turn/Off Button, But the timer the 30s 60s 99s can instead of the turn on and turn off button. Squeezing a period, The lamp turns on, Pressing the time once more, The lamp turns off.

Conservative and light weight

Gel clean uv drove light with modest one of a kind shape and Made of Anti-break ABS, Light weight plan

Simple to carry, allowing you to appreciate at nail treatment or pedicure at whenever and anyplace!

Please notice that 48W is the hypothesis power, 40W is solid force.

Protect your eyes

  1. Cure gel time-It’s easy to see that new lamp drying time is shorter than a traditional lamp.
  2. Curing numerous gels, Different dry times for different Gels.
  3. Curved Arc design secures your eyes.

Could the lamp restore all gel polish in 30s?

Of course not

To dry uv gel very fast, But as you probably are aware the element of different gel polish brand is different, The speed of dry also sway by the smear thickness of your gels, So you may see the different restoring time for different gels. You can attempt to extend the relieving time as needed. Or just choose a gel that includes numerous uv content.

Tired of supplanting the lamp bulbs over and over?

Don’t worry!LKE professional uv led lamp has 21pcs led lights and double light source(365nm+405nm), High-quality UV led lights service life longer, Advanced heat dissipation innovation also help to defer the lifetime for the lamp.


  • The real voltage must meet the requirements of the machine.
  • Please don’t use the lamp when the timer button doesn’t work.
  • Give more consideration to your hands or feet when you restoring your nails.
  • Whenever used 99s low warmth mode, Try to let the dry time longer than ordinary.


In reality, a nail dryer is beneficial to your nail design project. This kind of stuff is mainly compact so that you can put it back while you’re on a getaway, or if you’re looking to get together with your friends for a nightcap. It spares you a ton of time so you can do different assignments after your nail dries. Thus you do need to purchase your nail dryer. That way, you never again need to go through a great deal of cash in a nail salon. You can spoil yourself at home and have a great time doing as such.

All the nail dryers highlighted here are largely premium products that have present-day and gorgeous plans. They experienced careful development that permits them to keep going for an exceptionally significant time-frame. Indeed, utilizing these materials should upgrade the consistency of your creative nail application. Also, they’re setting aside your time and cash.

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