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Girlfriend Body Pillow

The greatest gift for men. Do you have a bachelor’s party coming up and want a variation on the standard blow-up doll’s gift of novelty? Looking for a funny secret Santa gift for one of your colleagues? You may have an obnoxious friend who sees himself as the greatest gift to women since the mining of the first diamond but never seems to be dating anyone. This funny gift could just bring him down a peg or two. Maybe you’ve got another friend who’s constantly complaining about being single. Why don’t you just buy them a girlfriend and turn their wine into a whimper? No matter what you donate to this girlfriend’s pillow, it’s sure to bring some side-splitting, pants-wetting, and milk-through-the-nose laughter to everyone involved!

Girlfriend Body Pillow

Girlfriend Body Pillow by Defineproduct.com

Product Features: 

BEST NOVELTY GIFT for housewarming parties, Christmas, secret Santa gifts, birthdays, retirements, and much more.

FEATURES SOFT MATERIALS with curves contoured like those of a woman, including a bosom to rest your head upon for comfort. A wonderful gift idea for men and women alike.

ORIGINAL GIRLFRIEND PILLOW The pillow with arm is trademarked and developed in Michigan USA. Don’t be fooled by Japanese pillows, or ones made in China, there is only one true Girlfriend Pillow!

SISTER PILLOW to our Original Boyfriend Pillow and are often purchased as a pair. Featured on Anderson Cooper, and in the Huffington Post

OUR COMPETITORS products have been known to fall apart, while ours do not.

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