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Glass Cutting Board

A glass cutting board is a modern equipment for a classy kitchen. Because of its unique design, it is a very attractive tool for cutting and chopping ingredients. You can chop your vegetables and meats easily because it has a flat surface. You don’t have to worry about the rusting and fading on the colors of the glass cutting board. Everyone will feel the attraction on it because of its well decorative prints on it.  It does not get damaged by the strikes of knives so you do not need to feel hesitation at the time of chopping anything. It is very helpful for having the sharpness of the knives even in the long run. You can instantly clean it with a wet cloth. You can also make a tortilla with its rolling pin. At the time of using this, you will never have to think about the contamination of your food. You can also use it for slicing vegetables and serving any dishes.

Tempered Glass Cutting Board Set

Glass Cutting Board by Defineproduct.com

Product Features: 

HIGH-QUALITY AND HYGIENIC: Our cutting board is made of hardness tempered glass plate which been through high temperatures. The non-porous glass surface is hygienic, antiseptic and antibacterial for food safety, and it can prevent water from flowing around while slicing, dicing, mincing, or chopping

DURABLE WITHSTAND HIGH TEMPERATURE: The tempered cutting board has shatter and impact resistant. The glass board won’t absorb odors, easy to clean up, left with no oil. Withstand temperatures up to 518 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot pan or baking tray is free to put on it

NOT SLIPPERY SPACE SAVER: With four rubber feet on the back, the glass board has excellent not slippery performance and could protect your counter from heat, condensation, scratches, and ensure it will not slide around while cutting(We have equipped extra feet in each package)

MODERN DESIGN: We have a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your cutting board needs whether its large or small. Not only the cutting board but also the modern and fashionable plate! Brighten up your table with these.

Why Do You Need It?

Hygienic:  For cooking any dishes, cutting vegetables or meats are the first steps. If you want to cut or preparing your food in a hygienic environment, you should buy a hygienic cutting board. For this purpose, the glass cutting board is the best choice. Because this cutting board is very hygienic. It will never react with any ingredients and this cutting board will absorb the juices of ingredients after cutting them. If you want to compare, the glass cutting board is more sanitizing than wood or plastic board.

Aesthetics: In the market, there are available cutting boards made of different materials like wood, plastic, and others. But between all of them, the glass cutting boards are the most beautiful. They will change the look of your kitchen as like premium and professional. This cutting board is available with different and beautiful designs. And they are looking very beautiful. There are various glass cutting boards available with different designs and they look even better.

Function: A glass cutting board will help you to get the exact shape and consistent size of the chopped items. It can be meat or vegetable. A delicious and better look of any dishes is depending on the consistent size and shape of it ingredients.  Moreover, it will also ensure that you can cut your vegetables faster than traditional cutting. They also include non-slip feet so that you can cut safely all ingredients of your cooking. The glass cutting boards are also smooth for easy cutting, chopping, and even slicing for any ingredients because of its surface.

To ensure hygiene, you can wipe it before using it. The glass cutting boards are safe and dishwashers come in various sizes. The glass cutting boards are resistant to shattering. It can also resist small impacts. Due to the non-stick surface, it will give you the opportunity to resist the impact.

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