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Hairbrush Flask

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This is the perfect accessory for any woman who wants to look great and keep a little liquid courage close by. The hairbrush flask is exactly what it seems like: a hairbrush that serves as a flask. The hairbrush part is an oar brush with delicate fibers that make a fine showing of brushing a woman’s hair. On the posterior of the oar is a mirror, and the handle has a delicate grasp. As slippery amazement, the handle of the brush is likewise the flask. The end screws off, and it will hold up to six ounces of liquid.

The original package comes with a small funnel to making filling the flask easy, however on the off chance that you have fairly steady hands, you may not require it. The top is strong and forestalls spilling.

Many ladies have announced hauling the brush around in their satchels for a considerable length of time without one drop of the liquor spilling. Also, the hairbrush material isn’t recognized by metal identifiers, and it would seem that an ordinary brush. This gives ladies a preferred position on occasions were outside beverages are not allowed.

Original Binocktails Bev-Brush Paddle Brush Secret Flask

hairbrush flask by

Product Features: 

  • Secret flask that hold over 6 oz. of alcohol
  • A fully functional paddle brush
  • Complete with a mirror on the back
  • The best womens hidden flask on the market today
  • Looks EXACTLY like a real paddle hair brush!

The hairbrush flask is suitable for anyone who can use both a brush and a flask. It is classified as a woman’s flask, however, for those guys who like to keep their hair brushed and need somewhat shot in the process, this would work great, as well. Since it just holds six ounces, this is not perfect for those who need more alcohol than that. It makes an enjoyment present whenever however, it is especially interesting for the 21st birthday present or a lone rangeress party. It’s also a convenient accessory because of the mirror on the rear of the brush. Regardless of whether you have to check your hair and cosmetics or you’re using it as a post apparatus, it can prove to be useful.

Technology is nice, however, sometimes a simple style has an equally positive profit in our lives. Take the hairbrush flask, as an example. Its useful style allows the owner to multitask. Not only will the owner brush his or her hair, but he or she can also have their favorite drink. mix that with concerts, outside venues, and other functions wherever you might want a drink, and you’ve got one of the best gadgets on the market.

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