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Inflatable Bathtub

Do you want an inflatable bathtub or one that you can use anyplace?  Do you have a bathroom that only has a shower and doesn’t include a bathtub? Then think about an inflatable bathtub, therefore, you’ll still enjoy relaxing soaking baths! Most inflatable bathtubs can be used inside and outdoors. They’re portable which suggests you’ll even take them on the road with you when you travel!

CO-Z Inflatable Portable BathTub

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Product Features: 

PREMIUM MATERIALS, made of eco-friendly high-density PVC finished with thermal fusion technology for ultimate anti-deformation, non-toxic, durability and waterproof performance

EASY TO USE, comes with 3 air holes for fast and easy inflating or deflating to accommodate different needs, maximum airflow rate 15.9CFM, pumps up the bathtub in less than 3 minutes

USER-FRIENDLY DESIGNS, the ergonomic pillow, backrest as well as the armrest help provide great support and comfort, eliminating tiredness from any long day, the warm-keeping zipper to ensure a lavish spa experience, jump in, unwind and enjoy.

EASY TO STORE W/PORTABILITY, the upper cover can be rolled back or zipped up so you can stay warm or keep cool. Easily collapsed for storage or transport, you can enjoy your spa anytime, anywhere

TONS OF BENEFITS, regular dips have been known to help eliminate toxins in the body, improve skin, and slim the body. Perfect for a camping trip or weekend stay-over at the cabin, truly a must-have bathtub on the go.

Unique Zipper:

  • Zipper closure, easy to adjust the zipper to adjust the water temperature.
  • Convert into a baby’s swimming pool by removing the lid (under the supervision of adults).
  • Durable zipper closure for improved durability.
  • Massive size, great for users of all ages.

Ergonomic Design:

  • Ergonomic design for you to easily find the most comfortable position to fully relax.
  • It comes with a pillow, a backrest, and dual armrest to provide maximum comfort.
  • The cup holder keeps your drinks, cellphones, or other items at arm’s reach. Enjoy the wonderful spa experience right in the comfort of your home.
  • 3-Tier bathtub with identical thickness and separate blowhole for easier and faster inflation or deflation within 3 minutes.
  • Electric air pump included.
  • Dual drainage pipe for efficient draining.
  • The primary drainage pipe at the bottom for fast draining
  • The side drainage pipe to drain residual water more effectively
  • Soft inflatable floor
  • Extra-thick floor to preserve heat and protect your floors while providing more comfort.

Easy to Use

An inflatable bathtub is easy to setup and use. It comes with an electric pump that lets you get it inflated and ready to go in practically no time. The tub depletes as easily as it sets up. You simply use the long waste hose that comes with it to lead the water out your sink or outside. After the water has depleted from the hose, tip the tub over to ensure all the water is expelled.

Use Inflatable Baths for Elderly or Injured

Inflatable bathtubs are an idea for homes with elderly people who can’t easily get to an upstairs bathroom. It is likewise an extraordinary method to bath somebody after a physical issue, so nurture or different parental figures make certain to cherish this tub. You can set the tub up anyplace in the home.

Inflatable tubs are ideal for use during recuperation after medical procedures. You can get it out when required, and it stores away rapidly without occupying too a lot of space. You can even use it directly in a similar room as the injured individual to make getting them in the bath simpler on everybody.

Take The Inflatable Bath With You

If you enjoy camping, this bath is the ideal method to keep clean and relax after a long day. The inflatable tub has a spread the zips shut to hold in the glow. This implies you can utilize it outside. It additionally has a beverage holder, so you can take a long relaxing douse and remain hydrated simultaneously.

The inflatable tub holds water, yet that doesn’t mean it must be warm. Competitors can utilize it to take an ice bath. Ice baths are reviving and assist competitors with recouping and straightforwardness tired throbbing muscles after a long or dreary exercise.

There are almost endless possibilities for an inflatable tub. Your kids can go through it as a blow pool. It’s a great alternative to small stand up showers frequently in loft bathrooms. You can take a relaxing bath in your lounge room if you need! It stashes and doesn’t take up a ton of room, so buy one and store it just if you may require it.

Inflatable bathtubs are a quick, helpful approach to bath regardless of where you are. They are likewise useful for those in with incapacities or medical issues. The convenience and solace this tub gives make an ideal expansion to your home or camping supplies. Since these tubs collapse and store in a small space, you can’t bear the cost of not buying one and have it available when required.


If you are looking for an inflatable bathtub you can use to relax in, at that point you want a product that is long enough to stretch out your legs. If the inflatable tub is to be utilized for only washing, at that point you may want a tub that is progressively minimized and simpler to deplete out into your shower.

For relaxing splashing showers, search for an inflatable tub that has a backrest, armrest and an inflatable pad. A considerable lot of these kinds of tubs will likewise have a cup holder so you can appreciate a cool refreshment while you are absorbing your tub.

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