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Magnetic Aquarium Glass Cleaner

Magnetic aquarium cleaners are your best bet once it comes to cleansing your aquarium outside without obtaining your hands dirty and wet.

The right magnet cleaner will facilitate routine maintenance and deeper cleanup. they are very convenient and simple to use, too. one of the most ANnoying things to deal with when it comes to keeping an aquarium is algae. Not only is it unsightly, but it is also a true pain to clean up properly.

That’s why we recommend using the best aquarium magnet cleaner to quickly and easily clean away algae growth so your aquarium stays healthy and looks its best.

Aqueon Algae Cleaning Magnet

Magnetic Aquarium Glass Cleaner by Defineproduct.com

Product Features: 

The algae cleaning Magnets are a simple solution to effectively remove algae from all sides of the aquarium. The bottom-weighted scrubber falls straight down when separation. The bowed bottom weight allows the scrub pad to rest higher than the gravel for easy retrieval while reducing the risk of scratching the aquarium walls. No need to throw out the whole magnet cleaner when pads become worn down. simply click a new pad on to the magnet for fast and simple replacement. For either glass or acrylic aquarium use.


  • Remove unsightly algae from aquarium walls
  • Magnet makes it easy to clean the inside of the aquariums from the outside
  • The weighted scrubber will not float away!
  • Scrubber falls straight down if separated from the magnet for easy retrieval
  • Glass and acrylic scrubber pads available

How to Use Aquarium Magnet Cleaner?

Although all magnet cleaners are designed a little differently, they all work the same way. Each of them consists of two sections, an inside part, and an outside part.

The interior scrubber is the one that goes inside the tank. It has a finished surface that is usually made out of a snared, velcro-like material to wipe the green growth off the glass within the tank. Some of the time, it’s additionally furnished with a scrubber for things that are progressively hard to clean.

The outside handle is attached to the scrubber with a ground-breaking magnet. To connect it to the tank, place the inside scrubber inside with the goal that the cushion is against inside the glass. At that point, place the outside handle legitimately opposite the scrubber so that the magnets are attached with a glass sheet in the middle.

At that point, when you move the handle out of the tank, you’ll follow the scrubber inside, move into the tank and pick up the green growth.

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