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Best Meat Grinders Reviews and Buyers Guide

A meat grinder is a kitchen appliance that enables you to chop meat and other foods with complete convenience and velocity. It is not an exceedingly prevalent product in traditional kitchens, but it is becoming increasingly popular in recent times. There are many meat mincer models on the market with significantly distinct features and prices. Having a comparable item in the kitchen enables you to operate meat or other stuff straight at home, without having to get assistance from your trusted butcher. It will allow you to save a lot of cash, but also a personal check on the quality of the meat you’ll take to your table.

It is essential to consider some variables to choose the most appropriate meat grinder for your requirements. The first parameter to assess is undoubtedly the procedure. There are manual choppers, cheaper and electric meat mincers on the market, depending on the use you make of it and the price you want to spend. It will be essential to assess the engine power thoroughly on the latter so that even the hardest and thickest parts do not struggle to slice.

Other features to consider are the materials and size used to create the machine, the possibility of comfortable cleaning and maintenance, and the practicality of use. The presence of as many accessories as possible must also be accurately assessed during the purchase stage to make the best use of this suitable appliance.

Best Meat Grinder Buy In 2020

Gourmia GMG525 Electric Meat Grinder

Best Meat Grinder Buy In

Product Features: 

FAST & EFFICIENT: Powers through the toughest slabs of meat for fresh, flavorful mince, sausage, and kibbeh.

3 BLADES: Included are 3 durable stainless steel blades for a variety of fine, medium, and coarse cuts.

SIMPLE & SAFE: Designed with a heavy duty food tray, 3 way on/off/reverse switch, and dual safety switch. All parts remove for easy cleaning, and lock into place for sturdy operation.

BONUS ACCESSORIES: Includes a food pusher, kibbeh attachment, and sausage horn.

ETL CERTIFIED: We, at Gourmia, take the quality of our products seriously. This product is ETL certified so you can be confident that you’re receiving a safe, efficient, high quality appliance.

Extra Strong Material: Made with long lasting, exceptionally strong material, a copper 800W motor, metal riggings and treated steel cutting edge to guarantee appropriate granulating.

Simple to Operate: The easy-to-utilize, 3-way security switch, makes this machine so easy to work. The PrimePlus Meat Grinder Deluxe from Gourmia is the ideal expansion to any kitchen.

Easy to Clean: With each Gourmia PrimePlus Electric Meat Grinder comes an easy-to-follow manual so you can without much of a stretch amass for utilize and dismantle for clean-up.

A Level of Freshness: Create delightful, gourmet wieners utilizing the hotdog connection, or kibbeh utilizing the kibbeh producer connection. Appreciate an unheard of level of personalization and control in your cooking. Look over 3 cutting plates for fine, medium or coarse pounding, and begin making the most tasty burgers, meatballs, meat portion, hash, wieners and more by making your own customized meat mixes.

Electric Meat Grinder, Stainless Steel Meat Slicer & Sausage Stuffer

Best Meat Grinder Buy In

Product Features: 

2000W Output Power & Efficient Meat Grinding: Adopting the steel silk brushing treatment, the Great meat grinder and Sausage stuffer maker is stylish and upscale. With a durable and noise-reduction all-cooper engine whose power up to 350W (2000W Max). 3 pounds of minced meat can be produced per minute. An ideal choice as a meat processor (deer meat, chicken, pork, etc.)

ETL Certified & Advanced Material: Guarantee safety and durability meat Slicer own ETL safety certification. The parts touched with food are made of 100% food-grade material which can prevent the contamination of ingredients. Made of three-layer 420-grade hardened stainless steel, thickened aluminum alloy, and high-end PP7 ABS, The whole meat mincer owns strongly anti-corrosion and durable quality.

Easy to Operate and cleansers to operate with 3 way on/off/reverse switch. The reverse button is used to unclog the unit. 2. The components of this meat grinder machine are easy to disassemble, combine and clean. Tip: keep them dry with a soft cloth after the cleaning.

Lifetime Support: we provide 12-month worry-free warranty and 1-year replacement for any defects caused during production, plus lifetime technical support. 1 x Outstanding Meat Grinder 3 x Grinding Plates 1 x Carbon Steel Cutting Blades 2 x Kibbe Attachments 1 x Sausage Attachment 1 x Meat Pusher 1 x Detailed User Manual

This guide will help select the best meat grinder for your needs, to offer you all the information you can.

How to Choose the Best Meat Grinder

Our trip begins with a very fundamental consideration, what kind of food would you like to have your meat grinder? On the contrary, this aspect, which may seem of little importance, will affect how the device is used. What you can do, and what you can’t do, how you’re going to wash it up and much more. There are two kinds of meat grinding machines on the market, electrical and manual ones, let’s begin from one thing.

Undoubtedly, the former is more comfortable than the latter, although they have some disadvantages as well. Without going into details, as in the “electric” vs. manual section, we are going to do it. I want to emphasize that your decision needs to be made on the grounds of straightforward factors. Do you want to save cash or do you want an easier-to-use machine? Manual systems are cheaper, lighter, and easier to transport, but they also involve a lot of elbow grease to do the work.

The electrical grind meat, on the other hand, without any attempt, but consume electricity, is more significant, more substantial, and more expensive. You can move on once you have decided which one is correct for you. We have highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of the different models in the following sections to help you further with your choice. On the contrary, if you have already decided, you can skip this portion and move on.

Electric vs. Manual

As each model has its benefits and disadvantages, it is quite prevalent to discover yourself having to decide between a manual or an electrical appliance for your kitchen. In the meat grinder’s category, the discussion is more open than ever between which of the two machines are the best. Read on to find out more about each type of meat grinder on the market, check each model’s pros and cons, and create your own final choice.

Manual Meat Grinder: The Pros

While considering buying a manual meat grinder, It may sound strange enough. In fact, for its traditional style, simplicity of design, and the fact that they are the smallest, lightest and thus easy to carry into the kitchen. Many people prefer this model over the electric one.

Because inside there are no motors or electronic components, manual meat mincers are often very high and can weigh less than a few pounds. Its makes them one of the smallest appliances for your kitchen you can buy, especially if you consider how many different uses you can get.

Another advantage of manual meat grinders is that they do not bind you to the power outlet. Which means you can use them literally wherever you like and where they are most convenient for you at the moment.

You can do it without worrying about getting an electrical socket at hand if you have little space in the kitchen space or prefer to work on the table in the garden.

Manual meat grinders are also considerably cheaper than their electric counterparts, making them a more frequent option for those with a limited budget.

Manual Meat Grinder: The Cons

As sometimes happens, one of the manual product’s most significant advantages is its most significant defects as well. The lack of an engine makes these devices cheaper and smaller, meaning they can also be quite hard to use, especially when you have to grind a lot of meat.

Anyone who wants to grind meat that still has bones or work with large amounts of beef regularly can get tired of turning the crank manually to power the device quickly. For anyone with an absence of strength in their arms, such as the elderly or someone with a physical disability, this is particularly inconvenient.

Electric Meat Grinder: The Pros

At first glance, electric meat grinders have the most significant advantage that they are incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is plug the socket into the power, load the feeding pipe with the cubed meat and turn them in place of the power switch.

Since many models are equipped with potent motors, they can also work with bones to cut meat (which could be done, for example, to prepare food for a pet). At the same time, these powerful engines allow you to work with more extensive and “tenacious” meat such as moose or venison, and work with lots of standard beef, chicken or pork relatively quickly.

Electric Meat Grinder: The Cons

Many of the electrical meat mincers problems come from engines and internal components. If you choose a plastic gear model, after a while, they could make the equipment unusable, forcing you to pay for expensive repairs to flowers. Some models may even be quite noisy if you live in an apartment building, which could be inconvenient.

Even the dimensions, as many meat mincers, can have an extensive profile, can be problematic for many people. So they are hard to install on some kitchen cabinets. Finally, as with the manual models, it was an advantage, with the electric models connected to the electric current, there is the disadvantage of having to be close to an outlet at all times.

Make your choice right now

To choose between the two most common options available on the market, consider each model’s pros and cons, and decide for yourself which one best suits your needs. If you need to save money and don’t grind meat very often a manual model may be excellent. But if you want to be something more comfortable to use and you don’t need too much manual effort, electrical models are a perfect choice.


You must always make sure, as with any other kitchen appliance. That you choose a model that will last as long as possible and can withstand the amount of use that you intend to use. As far as manual meat grinders are concerned, you will usually see that you are dealing with plastic products. As they are less expensive to produce but are still resistant and capable of holding the body together.

Although there will be some with metal frames that are usually stronger, even electric models can include plastic bodies. Look for a mincer with a cast aluminum body for the highest level of resistance, as it is a commercial-grade metal intended to resist excessive use.

Stainless Steel to THE END!

The next component to consider, and perhaps the most important for any meat grinder, is the quality of its cutting blade, as this is the component that produces hazelnut food and vegetables. You should always choose a model with stainless steel blades, as they will be very reliable and durable, as well as maintaining a healthy sharpening level over time.

Stainless steel is also resistant to rust, which is essential in terms of cleanliness and hygiene, as rust can be hard to clean and may contaminate food.

Priority to Ease of use

This side is a lot more personal and shouldn’t affect the mincer’s performance. But it’s also a side that many people tend to forget or neglect before buying. Choosing a meat grinder that is easy to use (and clean) is very important, especially if you plan to use it often. When you start thinking about manual meat mincers, ease of use becomes even more essential as they need more effort to function than electrical models.

Check the positioning of the meat outlet on the handle (or electrical models energy switch), as well as the size and position of the feed pipe, as this will impact the ease or difficulty of using the machine.

Remember the Importance of Maintenance

No one likes cleaning up after hours spent preparing a meal in the kitchen, but proper hygiene is essential. When working with food, and meat grinder is one of the most demanding appliances when cleaning. Since you are going to work with raw meat, leaving ground meat behind the machine can lead to an accumulation of mold and bacteria that could be transmitted to your food during the next use, causing health issues for you or your loved ones.

Stainless steel is again the best choice as it is much easier to wash, mainly if the blades and dies are removable. Some models can be washed in the dishwasher, making cleaning even more uncomplicated.

Check the Accessories

Everyone likes to have some extras in circulation along with the first buy, and kitchen appliances often have some of the most intriguing and helpful accessories. When you’re looking for the most suitable meat grinder for your needs. The first accessories you’ll need to find inside the package are the additional grinding dies, which will allow you to adjust the thickness of the meat you’re grinding. Some models have only two dies (for coarse or fine grains), so if you find models with a higher number of dies, you’ll have more versatility.

It is also widespread for meat mincers to be equipped with salting accessories that will allow you to grind the meat and feed it into a casing of your choice. Some models can supply accessories with different diameters for different sizes of cold cuts, so check the number and size of these tools before proceeding with your purchase. Other accessories may include a Kibbeh accessory (Lebanese meatballs) or a pasta maker accessory, as well as an auger, food pusher or other cutting tools.

Consider the space you have available

It’s always essential to think about how much free space you have in your kitchen to make sure. You can install your new meat grinder comfortable. For some, it could just be the space on the desk because you can install the product permanently if you plan on using it regularly.

If you want to maintain it hidden when not in use, you need to make sure you have space in your closets or pantry to do so. Manual meat mincers are going to be considerably smaller than electric models, so if space is precious in your kitchen, they are a great choice.

Avoid Manual Meat Grinder

First, it is necessary to understand that when preparing bulk food, manual meat grinders are almost certainly out of the question. While these models are cheaper and take up less space, as we saw earlier. The amount of effort required actually to get the desired output would not justify their purchase. It would be much more convenient at this point to buy pre-made products.

You don’t want to spend hours and hours handling your beef or chicken because you’re going to have to work with dozens of pounds of meat. That’s why the best way to go is by choosing an electric meat grinder.

Think about your goals

You have to be very exact about what you’re going to do in the long run. You have to be more attentive to your real goals when you prepare food “for the people.” Being zealous and pushing yourself too far, which can end up wasting a lot of time and money is very easy. If you plan to work with your meat grinder for your customers. You can aim for a less powerful model to prepare and freeze your burgers a few weeks ahead.

On the other hand, if you know, you’re going have to grind the meat for the whole family. When you’re going to have to cook it, or you’re going to have to make a snack for your pets going past the bones. You’re going to need a more powerful tool. Think about how you are going to use your new machine and decide accordingly.

Check the Nominal Power

Look for a professional meat grinder that exceeds the power of 1000 watts. As these will be the only models capable of providing you with sufficient ability to handle large jobs, particularly if you plan to use the machine in a butcher shop. It may be tempting to buy a 2000 watt model, but in most cases, they won’t be needed unless you work with large amounts of meat.

Moreover, if you know, you’re only going to use meat without robust bones. You can safely aim for a medium-power meat grinder if you have to consider that it might take a little longer to complete the job.

Final Tips

Remember that meat mincers are not just meat grinding, as many models will allow you to grind vegetables, create sausages, or even make pasta. Explore the meat grinder’s other possible uses and bring your loose food preparation to the next level.

Advice on your budget: Many manual appliances are available on the market, very convenient and very useful, which can quickly become electric and very expensive. The meat mincers are the most cost-potential appliances, as some professional models can cost you as much as an arm and a leg put together.

However, you can try to save some money (and some limbs!) following some useful tips. Check out these helpful tips to learn how to make the most of your purchase.

Consider manual models: the best choice is undoubtedly linked to a manual meat grinder if you want to keep your spending low. It’s true, we have talked about cooked and raw, but there’s no doubt these are the cheapest models on the market.

These machines do not have expensive internal engines driving up the price, as they are base on a simple hand-operated crank system for performing the job. You can save a lot of money on buying a meat grinder without the complicated mechanical engines and still be able to grind your meat, chop vegetables, make homemade pasta, and even create your sausages.

Think about how you’re going to use it: manual meat mincers are perfect for anyone who needs to make small amounts of ground beef and need to do it right now. You can also settle for a manual mode if you are not a butcher and you are not going to use the meat grinder to grind severe cuts of meat.

If you think you’re going to use this device very little and you’re never going to grind large amounts of meat and the effort you need to do it. Manually doesn’t make you worry, and then go to the manual otherwise if you’re planning to buy a meat grinder to prepare loose foods to handle resistant meats or don’t want to work so hard. A manual model might not suit your needs.

As you probably already know, sometimes you have to spend a little more to get all the features you want in an appliance that is convenient and easy to use. But the return may be worth the money spent. Even if you choose to go for an electric meat grinder, you can use several ways to ensure substantial savings both in the present and in the future.

For sausage, salt before grinding, and salt after making your patties for burgers.

Once blended with meat, salt dissolves specific proteins. It is okay for sausage, which is usually tighter and Springer than burger meat.

But you must keep adding salt or other seasonings until your patties have developed if you want your burger meat to smell the correct manner.

Grind from large to small: It’s a good idea to fry your meat twice, beginning with the big bowl before using the custom-made tray to rerun it. Twice grinding is generally a unique strategy to get more tender food if you are. Its stops all this from being smeared.

Keeping the power low on an electric model: Since the engines have the most significant impact on an electric meat grinder’s final price. The quickest way to lower the product’s price is to look for models with a less powerful engine.

Most of the electrical meat mincers on the market measure their power in watts, which keeps track of how much energy can pass through the system. More watts are equal to more power and a higher price in most cases, so you should look for an engine unit that has about 1000 watts. Its should be the minimum power to refer to, as selecting something less durable might cause issues to overheating.

Even if the additional accessories can be handy to try and sometimes quite fun to use, they may increase the final price of an electric meat grinder. Many models will give you additional dies or extra cutting blades that are helpful but are likely to boost the final product’s price.

What you need to keep an eye on are the drills, the accessories to prepare various food types (such as sausage manufacturers) or the hopper accessories. These do not affect meat grinding ability and can be safely removed without any loss of functionality.

And Don’t Forget…

Do not forget to keep in mind your level of comfort when reviewing all the different specifications and accessories of each model. Increasing the price of a little money might not be worthwhile if that means making life harder or removing the meat grinder’s real utility.

And if you are a Professional?

If you’re thinking of buying a meat grinder of commercial quality for your small business, there are some essential factors that you’ll need to keep in mind. That differs a little from the requirements for home use meat grinder. Here are the most important questions that you should ask to make sure that you have the best equipment for your operations.

Is it Powerful enough?

Power is always the most significant concern for any commercial equipment, as it affects productivity, output, and ultimately profits directly. Professional meat mincers are no distinct from all of this, even though energy measurements may seem somewhat “foreign” compared to other appliances.

Commercial meat mincers ‘ power is directly connected to their engines. A higher number of watts mean it can provide more energy, which means faster grinding times and the ability to work with harder cuts or bone meat.

Although some heavy-duty products will have 2000 or 3000-watt engines, most companies will need a professional meat grinder with at least a 1500 watt engine. You could also choose engine power-based models. But this is not always the most reliable measure to consider, as most products with less than one horsepower are just going to be okay. If a model is strong enough, an easy way to say is to look for how many pounds it can grind in an hour.

Is it Strong enough?

Every company wants to own robust equipment as it means less money spent on maintenance and less chance of replacing the unit before it has paid for itself. Some electric meat mincers on the market have a plastic body which, except for the smallest commercial companies, will not be suitable for anything.

Carbide is optimal in terms of durability and strength, with molten aluminum among the finest. The molten aluminum is made with a process similar to cast iron, so you can trust it can withstand a few strokes without blinking here and there.

Is it Big Enough?

When it comes to meat mincers for commercial use, the size of the hopper, which is the tray containing the meat in the upper part, and the feeding tube. Which is the slide through which the meat travels to reach the cutting blades, is essential.

You should know the size of the meat you will need to grind most frequently. As well as the amount of meat you will need to grind during each use, to meet any goal you have for your business. When you know these parameters, you can determine if the mincer’s capacity is sufficient to meet your needs, such as loading large pieces of venison and grinding without first cutting everything into cubes.

The Final Conclusions

We have come to the end of our long article. A meat grinder is a household appliance used mainly to grind and process meat. There are two meat grinder types: the manual one, which can be used thanks to a crank and the electrical one.

In turn, the electric meat grinder may have the timing belt or use the engine only. In addition to operation, these products have very different characteristics to evaluate when purchasing engine power (only for electrical models), incorporation materials, product size and weight, and ease of use.

Choosing an easily washable model will be essential, as one of the most critical parameters to consider is the cleaning and maintenance of the mincer. Depending on the price range, many meat mincers are equipped with various additional accessories to make product and meat processing easier to use.

This guide may be useful in choosing the meat grinder that best suits your needs. We invite you to use the form at the bottom of the page for comments or questions. We will be happy to answer you and further clarify your ideas by providing you with more information.


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