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One Touch Jar Opener

There’s nothing worse for people with hand problems than trying to open a jar that even Hercules couldn’t move. How often has that transpired? You’ve had a go at everything: Run the cover under high temp water. Tap it on the counter. Pry it with a container opener Swear forcefully. Nothing appears to work. It’s chafing enough when you’re a capable human; however, in the event that you have constrained hand smoothness, it tends to be out and out discouraging.

On the off chance that opening jars are a test for you or somebody you love, look at the Hamilton Beach OpenEase Automatic Jar Opener. The OpenEase Jar Opener is useful for any cook, and a flat out aid for those with a powerless hold or who endure incessant hand torment.

Hamilton Beach Open Ease Automatic Jar Opener

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Product Features: 

  • Effortless push-button opening
  • Simply place the jar opener on top of the jar and press the engage button
  • Compact for easy storage in a drawer or cabinet
  • Opens a wide variety of jar sizes-no jar is too tall
  • Durable and built to last. Please refer to the User Guide and the Instructional video before use.

Effortless Opening

The OpenEase Automatic Jar Opener was designed for everyone who opens jars regularly or on occasion, and it’s particularly useful for those with constrained hand quality or joint inflammation. OpenEase is the one device no kitchen ought to be without on the grounds that it takes care of an issue that disappoints everyone now and again.

Step by step instructions to Use the OpenEase Jar Opener

When you’ve unloaded the opener and expelled the draw tab from the battery compartment, you’re prepared to have at those disturbing jar lids.

Start by ensuring the external grasps are open as far as possible. Press the Release Lid button to open them.

It’s a good idea to wipe the jar lid clean and dry it so the opener can get a good grasp. Set the opener on the jar lid, press the Open Jar button, and watch it do its stuff. If you’re opening a decreased jar, for example, the famous pickle jar Hamilton Beach suggests you hold the opener down with one hand and the jar with the other. Most proprietors report this isn’t regularly essential.

When the jar is open, press the Release Lid button to open the internal grasps and discharge the jar lid. To create the external arms for simple stockpiling, press the Open Jar button and let the opener experience its cycle until the holds close.

Designed By Consumers for Consumers

At Hamilton Beach, every appliance needs to perform well for consumers before it ever makes it onto the rack. As we plan items, we search out honest input and opinions from an assortment of sources. Well, that is Good Thinking.

For the OpenEase Jar Opener, we concentrated on the handgrip, solace, and control. We conversed with The Arthritis Institute and talked with individuals with mastery issues and joint pain. As we looked for their input about the jar opener, we investigated every possibility. How can it feel in your grasp? Which location do you favor for the buttons? How can it feel when you press them? Once we were clear about consumers’ needs, we realized we had an item that would make their lives simpler.

Tips and Care

Try not to use plastic jars. Jar opener is intended only for glass jars with screw-on tops. Be certain the external arms of the jar opener fit safely on a jar to forestall slipping. The jar opener will kill naturally when the arms arrive at the peripheral or innermost position. For decreased jars, place a hand on jar opener to hold solidly set up to guarantee that the arms don’t slip on the jar.

For increasingly smaller capacity, press the “Open Jar” button to reset the arms to the innermost position. To supplant batteries, press and slide the battery compartment spread in the direction of the arrow. In the wake of supplanting batteries, slide the spread shut the other way of the arrow. The jar opener may begin running when the batteries are introduced. This is typical.

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