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Peanut Butter Knife

A knife made especially for raising peanut butter problems. It is a knife with a generous handle, a long shaft and a bulbous end that is designed to minimize the problems commonly encountered with natural peanut butter. When you try to swirl the peanut butter you get it all over the knuckles, from the corners of the container you can’t get the peanut butter, you can’t get large scoops out of it at once. Because of the long blade and speci, a peanut butter knife solves those problems.

Peanut Butter Knife

Peanut Butter Knife by Defineproduct.com

Product Features: 

  • Super-long blade reaches the bottom of the big jars, keeping your knuckles clean! (7″ blade reaches the bottom of the big, Costco-sized jars including 80oz and 36oz Adams, and 48oz Skippy)
  • Strength-treated stainless steel cuts and stirs thick, natural, spreads
  • Patent-pending design cleans the whole jar with extended, ergonomic handle for better leverage
  • Extra-broad blade carves out HUGE swaths to avoid excessive scraping
  • Flat end gets BIG scoops and spreads beautifully

Product Description:

The PB-JIFE is a spreader specifically designed to stir, scoop, and scrape peanut butter out of the big jars (and some other spread) while keeping your knuckles clean! The cutting edge is overly long for Costco-sized jars, more grounded for stirring common oils, and more extensive than a standard blade for simple scooping. It has an adjusted tip designed to coordinate the span of an assortment of jars to understand that last tad out from around the edges and the base.

Life-Saving Features (patent pending): Longer sharp edge keeps your knuckles clean: Super-long, stainless steel edge arrives at the tallest peanut butter jars. Not any more peanut butter knuckles.

More brilliant: The PB-JIFE’s patent-pending structure cleans the entire container, including sides, base, and the top edge. Get your cash’s worth. Strength-treated stainless steel has the torque to cut and blend regular butter, spreads, and thick oils.

One plunge: Extra-wide cutting edge cuts out tremendous areas of peanut butter to maintain a strategic distance from extreme scratching.

Quality Materials: Strength-treated stainless steel and tough, substantial plastic. Dishwasher Safe.


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