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Vintage Bread Box

A bread box is a box that keeps your bread fresh for a long time. It is a simple product to preserve the bread. These boxes ensure that no flies or germs can reach into the bread. A bread box keeps the bread contents at room temperature. It helps to keep the bread without contamination. It has an air-tight lid to prevent the formation of mold and reduce condensation in the bread. It is an alternative use to keep the bread healthy and fresh.  We can stop the use of harmful preservatives in the bread by using this bread box.

You can also keep other food items like pastries or baked items in this box. This takes less space for storage and this is very compact. It is lightweight due to the need for portability. It may be composed of different materials like plastic and steel. You can also use it to store food items safely in your refrigerator.

Vintage Bread Box

Vintage Bread Box by Defineproduct.com

Product Features: 

  • FARMHOUSE STYLE: Vintage shabby chic retro classic decor with white enamelware distressed style bread keeper
  • SIZE: 13 inches long by 8 inches deep by 6 inches high in back sloping to 5 inches tall toward front
  • COLOR: Distressed white [cool undertone, not warm]; painted lettering spelling “Bread” in black also distressed style
  • MULTI-USE: Use for bread or store snacks or baked goods or bread ingredients in the pantry; or even hide countertop clutter
  • EASY OPEN STYLE: Hinged lid bread bin with knob, easy open.

Why Do You Need It?

Preservation: If you have a bread box, you can conveniently buy bread in advance. It will ensure that the bread or food items don’t waste due to contamination. By using this box you can storage bread in your kitchen as well as your refrigerator. Furthermore, it will allow you to store a variety of items like muffins, bagel, rolls, and much more.

Safety: This has an anti-lid that will prevent ants, flies, mice, and other pests from reaching the food items. It will ensure you that there will be no mold on your bread because of condensation. You can keep bread and other items perfect at room temperature without slight contamination.

Convenience: A bread box does not require any power to function. It is very easy to use and clean. The bread boxes of modern-day are usually made of steel and are lightweight for easy transport. Moreover, the boxes have handles for you to carry them conveniently and easily. They have also a transparent body where you can check the condition of bread and other contents.

Freshness: Bread boxes work even better than a refrigerator. You can store the bread in the refrigerator. But there are possibilities to have frozen the bread due to moisture. The bread boxes work better than a refrigerator. However, in a bread box, your bread will be fresh without any wet texture. You can eat fresh bread and other food items even though you have bought or prepare them beforehand.

There are various types of a bread box. But wooden, steel, plastic, ceramic, and enamel bread boxes available. The bread boxes are designed by roll top, hinged door, pull-open door, and lid designs. You can choose these according to your convenience.

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